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HaMesila Park is open to the public

Along the route of the old Ottoman railway, the first section of a new urban park was opened to the public: the Tel Aviv-Yafo Railway Park (or in Hebrew: Park HaMesila). The park will be fully opened during 2021, and will connect Nahalat Binyamin and Herzl Street to the beach.

The first section, which opened in early October 2020, is about 450 meters long: from Pines Street in Neve Tzedek (next to Beit Lieber) to Elifelet Street. The second section, between Elifelet and Kaufman Street near the beach, which is about 400 meters long, will be open in a few weeks.

The third and the last section of the park, which will be opened during 2021, will be about 450 meters long and will connect the existing section to Nahalat Binyamin Street. The total length of the park will be 1.3 kilometers. This park is a significant and important addition of open and green areas for the residents of Jaffa, the American Colony and the Florentine neighborhood.

Along the park, you’ll find Bicycle paths and hiking trails, trees, and vegetation were planted, and in the future, they will provide shade for visitors. The red line of the light rail will travel on the underground level of the park, on the same route as the historic train between Jaffa and Jerusalem. In addition, the railway park is the point where the red line of the light rail descends below the ground on its way to Petah Tikva.