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Tel Aviv in top 10 of millionaires per sq-mile

Tel Aviv was ranked sixth, ahead of New York and London, according to electronics giant RS, based on the Knight Frank wealth report.

Tel Aviv is in the top ten of the world's cities in terms of the number of millionaires per square mile according to rankings calculated by UK electronics components giant RS.

Tel Aviv is in sixth place with 1,753 millionaires per square mile, RS found. In first place is Geneva (16,958 millionaires per square mile) followed by Monaco (13,400), San Francisco (3,847), Zurich (3,218) and Paris (2,725). Tel Aviv is well ahead of New York City (1,113) in eighth and London (589) in 18th.

RS has sourced its data from UK real estate agent Knight Frank's wealth report and clearly Tel Aviv has scored high because of the high value of real estate in Tel Aviv.