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Tel Aviv, Jerusalem ranked in top millionaire hotspots

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have both been ranked as top millionaire hotspots in Henley & Partners World Wealthiest Cities Report 2023. Previously Henley & Partners had only ranked the world's 20 wealthiest cities but this year Tel Aviv has come into the extended table in 30th place while Jerusalem is ranked in 53rd place.

Tel Aviv, just below Vancouver in 29th place, and just above Moscow in 31st place, has 35,600 residents with wealth of more than $1 million, 90 people with wealth of more than $100 million, and 11 billionaires. Wealth has grown 51% over the past decade in Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem just below Warsaw in 52nd place and above San Diego in 5th place has 15,100 millionaires, 48 centi-millionaires and five billionaires. Wealth has grown 37% over the past decade in Jerusalem.

The top ten in the list are New York City, Tokyo and the Bay Area, followed by London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. Sydney is 11th and Chicago is 12th.