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Tel Aviv ranked among top-5 most artistic cities in the world to visit

"This historic Israeli city is filled with creativity, boasting more than five art galleries per square mile and UNESCO recognized architecture."

Tel Aviv has been named the fifth-most creative city in the world, only behind Paris, Barcelona, Dublin and London, according to research conducted by Inkifi, a print-photography company that specializes in turning personal photos into wall art.

“In a planet filled with so much beauty and diversity, it’s not hard to find creativity and inspiration in some of the world’s most notable cities,” Inkifi wrote in a report. “In fact, some cities have made a name for themselves in the world of art, music, architecture and other creative ventures... So if you’re looking for a touch of creative inspiration, which cities should you add to your travel wish list?”

Through the data, Inkifi put together its list of cities that art lovers need to add to their “bucket list” accounts for a number of different art scenes, including galleries, music and comedy clubs, theaters, street art, Instagrams, building architecture and statues.

Tel Aviv was ranked No. 5 for its diverse art scene and its famed architecture. While it has the most art galleries per square mile, the White City earned mostly average scores for the rest of the categories, becoming a more well-rounded and spread-out scene, as opposed to Miami or Los Angeles, which mainly dabble in music and performance arts.

“This historic Israeli city is filled with creativity, boasting more than five art galleries per square mile and UNESCO-recognized architecture,” Inkifi said.

Trailing Tel Aviv were New York, Milan, Los Angeles, Miami and Porto, Portugal.

The city with the most monuments, theaters and music clubs per square mile was Paris, which ranked No. 1 on the list. Paris also received the most searches on Instagram for people wanting to find street art or those who have posted photos of street art.


Dublin hosts the most comedy clubs per square miles. Barcelona has the most famed architecture per square mile. Los Angeles dominates the most hometown music artists category, with New York close behind.

“There is no doubt that people are missing the thrill of travel and exploring all the cultural hot spots the world has to offer,” Inkifi founder Paul Mosely said in the report. “While not all cities are able to welcome back visitors yet, it’s great to see where in the world is going to be top of the list for culture-lovers, when planning their next trip.”

“From music clubs and theaters, to architectural buildings and art galleries, these cities offer a huge wealth of attractions to explore, allowing visitors to learn more about the country’s history, and fully immerse themselves in the culture of the city they’re visiting,” he said.

The top-20 cities – including an island – are as follows:

1.  Paris
2.  Barcelona
3.  Dublin
4.  London
5.  Tel Aviv
6.  New York
7.  Milan
8.  Los Angeles
9.  Miami
10. Porto
11. Amsterdam
12. San Francisco
13. Chicago
14. Lisbon
15. Buenos Aires
16. Penang Island
17. Berlin
18. Orlando
19. Brussels
20. Vancouver