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Why Tel Aviv is a city you must visit in your lifetime

Architectural Digest, Conde Nast and other major pubs can't stop raving about the Mediterranean seaside metropolis.

With its dazzling architecture, pristine beaches, charming boutiques, amazing cuisine and near-perfect weather, it's no surprise that the Israeli city of Tel Aviv is atop many a bucket list.

So why isn't it on yours?

This sizzling coastal Mediterranean metropolis is one of those locales that seems to have it all – with an exotic cherry on top. And it's not just tourists and proud citizens who are taking notice. Major publications like Architectural Digest and Conde Nast have been singing the city's praises of late, with the former calling Tel Aviv "a constant balance of old and new" and admiring its "year-round sunshine, cyclists, windsurfers and volleyball players."

Indeed, it's not just sun-seeking tourists who find pleasure along the shores of this city. As it came into its own in the early part of the 20th century, Tel Aviv worked hard to lure a variety of designers, eventually becoming a prime spot for the 1930s-era Bauhaus design movement. It's now home to the largest collection of Bauhaus buildings in the world.

The bright light color schemes of the buildings were chosen not only for their minimalism, but also to reflect heat due to the warm climate. Some of the buildings are even raised on pillars that allow the wind to blow under and cool the apartments. In Israel, the Bauhaus style means flat roofs rather than the slanted ones found in Europe in order to provide a common area where residents can socialize and enjoy the cool, evening climate. Not only is it efficient and practical, but the Bauhaus style is also incredibly eye-catching.

And those buildings aren't just something to gawk at on the way to the beach. The city has taken the city's geometric beauty a step further with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, a shrine to the unique contemporary design structures that line its streets.

But, wait ... we haven't even mentioned the food yet! Lest you thought Tel Aviv was nothing more than a feast for the eyes, in 2015 it was named by Conde Nast Traveler as the best city in the world to be a vegetarian. The magazine praised the town's abundance of "vegetable-centric restaurants" and wide availability of vegan - and vegetarian- friendly menus at even the most carnivorous of dining establishments.

"It’s easy to see why the under-30 majority, with their modern, Western ideas of eating well, are attracted to vegetarian and vegan fare – whether for idealistic or economic reasons," said Miriam Kresh, a food blogger and frequent contributor to our Israeli Kitchen channel. "Young chefs returning from travels abroad are also influencing the way Israelis see food, with more and more emphasis on vegetarian options. It really is a big celebration of our gorgeous fruits, vegetables, cheeses and grains."

If that doesn't tick off all your travel boxes in one fell swoop, what will?